Freshwater Pearl Silver Pendant

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Freshwater Pearl Silver Pendant

Sterling Silver 925

Cubic Zirconia

These pearls are grown in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds. Freshwater pearls cover a wider range of color and shape than any other pearl type. Tissue-nucleated freshwater pearls are more natural and composed purely of nacre.

Although freshwater pearls are the most commonly produced pearls, their unique shapes and wide range of colors combined with their attractive prices and charming character, have made them a favorite among jewelry designers, shoppers and pearl connoisseurs alike.

One interesting piece of freshwater pearl trivia: a single freshwater pearl mussel is capable of producing up to 50 pearls at a time (although current production limits each shell to 24-32 pearls).

In addition to the traditional white body color, these pearls come in a rainbow of natural pastel colors such as lavender, pink, and every shade in between. Most freshwater pearl information notes their varied shapes, including potato-shaped and stick pearls, rice-shaped and button pearls, coin-shaped and drop pearls, off-round and round pearls.

While a perfectly round freshwater pearl is extremely rare, Pearl Paradise deals with the roundest, highest quality freshwater pearls available. Their sizes range from tiny seed pearls measuring 1 or 2 mm in diameter to 15 mm and larger.