Blue Stone Silver Ring

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Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone Silver 950 Ring Jewellery

Lapis Lazuli Stone

Silver 950

Ring Size: 8 (Q)

Lapis lazuli, also known simply as “lapis,” is a blue metamorphic rock that has been used by people as a gemstone, sculpting material, pigment, and ornamental material for thousands of years. High-quality lapis lazuli can be a costly gem. The most desirable specimens have a rich, solid blue color and perhaps a few reflective pieces of gold pyrite.

Lapis lazuli is most widely known for its use as a gemstone. It is a popular material for cutting into cabochons and beads. It is also used in inlay or mosaic projects and often as a material for small sculptures. These uses made lapis the most popular opaque blue gemstone.

Although personal preferences vary, the most popular lapis has a uniform, deep blue to violet blue color. Many people enjoy a few randomly placed grains of gold pyrite or a few fractures or mottles of white calcite. However, when pyrite or calcite is present in more than minor amounts, the desirability of the material and the value are significantly lowered. Gray inclusions or mottling also quickly lowers desirability.

Lapis lazuli has some durability problems that limit its suitability for certain uses. Lapis has a Mohs hardness of about 5, which makes it very soft for use in a ring, cuff links or bracelet – especially if the top of the stone is raised above the top of the setting or bezel. In these uses, lapis will show signs of abrasion with continued use.

Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone Silver 950 Ring Jewellery

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