ONIX Natural Stone Men Ring


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ONIX Natural Stone Men Ring

Black Onyx meaning is Self control, decision-making, intuition, protection. It is widely believed that black onyx can change your habits are erratic, either when used with faith. It is about as one powerful protection stone as it absorbs negative energy of people to release mental stress and promote emotional well-being.

Black onyx symbolize purity. According to ancient legend, the dark color of the stone is due to absorb much negative energy.

Stainless Steel: Shiny and strong, stainless steel rings can be polished to take on different looks — the more matte look of pewter or the reflective look of chrome. Either way, some people appreciate the sturdy, modern look of the metal. PURITY Steel is mixed with at least 10.5% chromium to resist oxidation. CARE You can clean stainless steel jewelry easily with dish soap, water and a soft cloth.