Silver Gold Plated Opal Rings

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All Austral Stones Gold Plated Opal Rings are made of 100% Australian Opal. And now, they are all 50% off and shipping is free worldwide*!

Australian Opal has something magical in its nature. Not only do the colours of the Opal create a stunning combination and a beautiful reflection of the colours of nature, but also, the Opal transmits a certain indescribable energy to the wearer. 95% of Opal is found in Australia and all of our items are made of Opal coming directly from Australian Opal mines (Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Quilpie, Winton and others). With Gold Plated Opal Rings for all tastes: Black Opal Rings and Semi-black Opal Rings, with a black or gray background respectively, Solid Opal Rings, with a light and luminous background where pastel colours stand out, or Triplet Opal and Doublet Opal settings. You’ll find a variety of Gold Plated Opal Rings.

*Over AUD 100 within Australia and AUD 200 overseas.