Opal Lockets

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All Austral Stones Opal Lockets are made of 100% Australian Opal. And now, they are all 50% off and shipping is free worldwide*!

Alexander Dauvin Opal Lockets are made of an Australian Doublet Opal mosaic medallion in a stunning stainless steel & cubic zirconia reversible frame. You’ll find 12 available models: Rhodium Plated Opal Locket, Yellow Gold Plated Opal Locket and Rose Gold Plated Opal Locket, in two different sizes, Classic Opal Locket, with a 35mm stone, and Bijou Opal Locket, with a 25mm stone. All of them in two Opal colours: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green Australian Opal, or Blue and Green Australian Opal

Australian Opal has something magical in its nature. Not only do the colours of the Opal create a stunning combination and a beautiful reflection of the colours of nature, but also, the Opal transmits a certain indescribable energy to the wearer. 95% of Opal is found in Australia and all of our items are made of Opal coming directly from Australian Opal mines (Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Quilpie, Winton and others).

*Over AUD 100 within Australia and AUD 200 overseas.