Austral Stones brings back a story from 1970s, when a young craftsman started making unique jewellery pieces of lapis lazuli and precious metals in Santiago de Chile.

With hard work and dedication, he opened his way to create the first “Piedras Australes” store under the belief that jewellery express much more than beauty.
Each piece has a story to tell and an emotional connection empowered by the meaning of each gemstone.

Eduardo Dauvin and his family have now opened more than 10 stores in Chile and Argentina.

Piedras Australes has the most exclusive Lapislazuli handmade jewellery and Art deco pieces in South America. We include other gemstones such us Rhodochrosite, Turquoise, Malachite.

Now Emanuel Dauvin and Maria Soledad Lopez have opened Austral Stones expanding this family business to Sydney -Australia. We have incorporated Opal as the national stone of Australia, Malachite from Queensland and Pearls with unique designs and original pieces of jewellery and art deco.

“Connect with your essence, connect with yourself”